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LTE Band 48 for CBRS

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CBRS – Citizens Broadband Radio Service For the USA / North America Market The Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is composed of a pair of LTE bands (42 – 3550-3660Mhz & 43 – 3660-3700Mhz) that have been allocated to low power cellular service in the United States. Spectrum allocation is tiered with two relevant tiers for […]

LTEAdvancedPro LTE Carrier Aggregation CA

LTE Advanced and Carrier Aggregation (CA)

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Carrier Aggregation in LTE-A (LTE Advanced) Carrier Aggregation is a key technology in LTE Advanced (LTE-A) to enable higher capacities on mobile networks. carrier aggregation mainstream, with global proliferation, which benefits the entire mobile ecosystem: Operators, App developers, and OEMs –  by delivering higher data rates, improved capacity, and the ability to use spectrum fragments. A simple diagram […]


LTE UE Category & Class Definitions

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LTE UE (User Equipment) Category & Class Definitions LTE utilises the LTE UE Category or User Equipment categories or classes to define the performance specifications of LTE devices and enables LTE base stations to be able to communicate effectively with them knowing their performance levels.  Some LTE UE Categories such as LTE Cat 3, LTE Cat 4 and […]

4G LTE-U Offload 5GHz WiFi

CBRS: Citizens Broadband Radio Service and 4G/LTE

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The Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS): shared spectrum in the 3.5 GHz “innovation band” CBRS is an acronym for Citizens Broadband Radio Service, and the upshot for enterprise IT pros is that it could result in improved LTE services from service providers as well as enable enterprises to build their own private LTE networks. How […]

4G 5G LTE ongoing releases

How Fast is 4G LTE ?

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Question: How Fast is 4G LTE ? Answer originally posted on The answer to this involves a few factors, including “Which LTE” as several versions of LTE are already in use, from the start of LTE (Release 8 ) to now (Release 13), which include capacity and performance increases: What Version of LTE being […]


Could 5G replace WiFi?

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This question was asked on Quora: Could 5G Replace WiFi? Simple answer: For some users “Yes”, but for many others, especially corporates, “No”. 5G: Dominated by Operators 5G technology will be owned and operated by Operators. You won’t be able to build/buy your own 5G base station. The 5G connection you get will be […]

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Voice over LTE, VoLTE Explained

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Explaining Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Voice over LTE, VoLTE technology was devised as a result of operators seeking a standardised system for transferring traffic for voice over LTE. Originally LTE was seen as a completely IP cellular system just for carrying data, and operators would be able to carry voice either by reverting to 2G […]

CableFree 4G TDD-LTE Technology

LTE Drive Test

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Test Types and Parameters for LTE Driving Testing Performing an LTE drive test is an important part of how wireless carriers determine whether their networks are performing well — and get a glimpse into their competitors’ network performance. There are multiple types of LTE drive tests, as well as specific parameters and requirements that should […]