Welcome to 4G LTE Networks

Welcome to 4G LTE Networks – Home of Wireless Broadband

Find out the latest about LTE networking using advanced Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Using our  LTE systems, create modern Wireless Broadband Networks using the latest in Wireless technology.
We offer a complete range of  hardware and software solutions to implement all parts of modern 4G networks

Complete range of Solutions

Our solutions include:

  • 4G LTE Base Stations
  • eNodeB Radio Base Stations
  • Remote Radio Heads (RRH)
  • 4G LTE Small Cells
  • EPC (Evolved Packet Core)
  • IP Core Network
  • 10Gbps Backhaul Network using Microwave, Millimeter Wave, FSO and more
  • Complete range of CPE devices including Desktop, Outdoor, MiFi, Handheld, USB and Mobile
4G LTE Base Station Remote Radio Head (RRH)
4G LTE Base Station Remote Radio Head (RRH)
4G LTE Indoor Desktop CPE
4G LTE Indoor Desktop CPE

Our networks use latest LTE Advanced Release 14 technology to unlock the latest and fastest 4G networks possible.
Advanced Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) components to create fast, powerful and low cost 4G networks worldwide.

Core Networks and Wireless Backhaul Technologies

Combined with core network components such as EPC, Routing and other components, 10Gbps Wireless Backhaul and Fronthaul Networks to cover entire cities, regions and countries with high capacity broadband coverage.

Complete range of LTE CPE devices

Customers can connect to the network with a flexible mix of Indoor, Outdoor, Handheld and Mobile devices

  • Are you planning a new 4G network?
  • Do you want to extend an existing network?
  • Are you looking to purchase CPEs to connect users to your existing network?
  • “Standalone” Zero-EPC sites for closed networks?
  • Mobility, Fixed, CCTV, Security, Safe City or other applications?
  • Want to know about the latest technology and trends in Mobile Broadband Wireless?
  • Are you considering WiMax-to-4G Upgrade?

If so, we are the right partner for your needs.  We can supply all aspects including planning, dimensioning, network design, supply and implementation experience.  Our team of wireless experts will be delighted to advise on all aspects of the process and ensure successful delivery of your wireless network.

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