LTE Base Station

4G LTE Base Stations & EPC

Advanced 4G LTE-Advanced Base Station and EPC Infrastructure

CableFree LTE-A Base Station with Carrier Aggregation (CA)
CableFree LTE-A Base Station with Carrier Aggregation (CA)

We are shipping the Emerald range of  4G/LTE Base Stations and EPC products featuring advanced cellular technology.  Our range of advanced, carrier-grade LTE Base Station products includes:

  • LTE-A Base Stations
  • LTE Outdoor CPEs
  • LTE Indoor CPEs
  • Mobile WiFi Hotspots with LTE-Backhaul
  • Microwave and MMW Backhaul links for complete LTE-A network infrastructure

All of our LTE products feature latest generation technology and upgradable features for future-proof networking and performance.

Latest Generation 4G LTE-Advanced Base Stations

CableFree 4G LTE solutions
4G LTE Base Station & EPC Infrastructure

Our 4G/LTE Software Defined Base Stations with advanced features and “stand alone” capability for private networks. Our LTE BS technology offers LTE-A technology and transmit powers up to 2x 20W for high capacity, long range networking, and uses Software Defined Radio technology with easy upgrade to new features and high capacities.
We offer EPC and other related infrastructure for complete LTE network solutions

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High Performance, Rugged and Reliable Design

The 4G LTE Base Station includes Remote Radio Head (RRH) which typically feature 2×2 or 4×4 MIMO, which are located on the tower top.  The LTE RRH is connected to the baseband EnodeB using fibre optic cables with CPRI technology and DC power.

The EnodeB contains all the signal processing technology required to support latest generation Release 12 LTE signals and beyond using Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology.

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