LTE Core Network

4G LTE Core Infrastructure and Backhaul Networks

We offer complete centralised infrastructure for Scalable 4G LTE Core Networks including EPC, Core IP, Wireless Backhaul

Scalable LTE EPC core

We offer a complete range of EPC and IP core infrastructure for small, medium and large scale networks.  Our LTE EPC cores are highly scalable, high performance and resilient to ensure highest uptime and availability.  Our “Zero-EPC” solutions for smaller and “closed networks”.  IP Core includes 10Gbps core routers and switching
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Wireless Backhaul Networks

LTE Core Backhaul Links up to 10Gbps
LTE Core Backhaul Links up to 10Gbps

Wireless Backhaul links for LTE networks using a flexible mix of Microwave, Millimeter Wave (MMW), Free Space Optics (FSO) and AC-MIMO radio
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