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CableFree 4G TDD-LTE Technology
CableFree 4G TDD-LTE Technology

Modern LTE CPE devices use advanced chipsets to perform all required signal processing.  Globally, there are only a few vendors of LTE chipsets, which all system vendors use in their products.

In the evolution of RAT(Radio Access Technologies), LTE specifications have been published in 3GPP release 8-9 and LTE-A specifications are published in 3GPP release 10 and above. LTE-A covers all the features of LTE. There are some modifications or enhancements or additions of the features.

Sequans Communications

Sequans is a supplier of 4G LTE chips to wireless device and wireless equipment manufacturers. The companies include Airwire, Alcatel-Lucent, alvarion, Cisco, Huawei, Gemtek, HTC, NetCommWireless, MODACOM, ZTE and others. Moreover sequans Category-1 LTE chipset has been certified by Verizon wireless. The LTE solutions from Sequans are used for emerging IoT and M2M market.

Qualcomm-LTE baseband chipset

Gigabit 4G LTE Technology
Gigabit 4G LTE-A Technology

The Snapdragon modem from Qualcomm supports multimodes. It covers 2G, 3G and 4G LTE RATs. Various LTE-A features such as carrier aggregation, higher orders of MIMO are supported. Qualcomm is working towards LTE Advanced to be used in unlicensed spectrum.


Intel® XMM™ 7260 LTE Advanced modem has following features. This intel LTE chipset supports CA(carrier aggregation) for bandwidth upto 40MHz using single RF chip. It supports Cat6 with supports of using voice over LTE. Seamless switching between various modes(FDD,TDD) and RATs (TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, 2G) is also possible with this chipset. The other LTE modem XMM 7360™ from intel for iphone has support for LTE-A upto the category-10. It also supports VoIP and 3X Carrier Aggregation. The chipset is also compliant to TD-SCDMA technology used in china region.

Altair LTE-A chipset manufacturer

Model: Fourgee 3800 and 6300
These latest baseband and RF transceiver solution from altair supports both LTE and LTE-A technologies. These LTE-A chipsets have following features.
• 3GPP rel.9• TDD/FDD• Category-4• eMBMS• VoLTE

GCT Semiconductor

The GDM7243Q version supports all the features of LTE Advanced such as TDD/FDD, Cat-5/6/7, CA, Enhanced ICIC, VoLTE, MIMO etc.
The other product GDM7243M supports multimode which include LTE and WiMAX standards.

Other Vendors of LTE Baseband Semiconductor

5G Mobile Networks
4G Mobile Networks

There are other LTE baseband chip vendors which include broadcom, Ericsson, Samsung, Leadcore, Innofidei, Networks, Hisilicon, Marvell semiconductor Inc., NVIDIA, Spreadtrum Communications Inc., Texas Instruments Inc., MediaTek, Renesas Mobile, NTT Docomo etc. Different vendors are working towards different LTE categories. Some LTE vendors are working on category 3 , some are working on category 4 and so on.

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