A Complete range of 4G LTE CPE devices

We offer a wide range of 4G/LTE CPE devices for indoor and outdoor applications, fixed, mobile and nomadic users, buildings and vehicles.

CableFree LTE CPE Indoor Desktop Router with WiFi and VOIP
4G LTE CPE Indoor Desktop with WiFi & VOIP

Indoor CPE devices are ideal for residential and business applications with integrated WiFi Access point, Router, optional VOIP/POTS ports.  Typically mounted in an indoor location, ideally in a window or location with favourable LTE signal coverage for best performance.  The indoor routers are available with WiFi and VOIP RJ11 Analogue Telephone ports to connect traditional telephone and fax devices over the LTE network.
Optionally, these CPEs can be customised with operator logos, different case colours and form factors to meet operator needs.
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CableFree LTE Outdoor CPE
4G LTE Outdoor CPE

Outdoor 4G LTE CPE devices offer similar features to the Indoor CPEs but are weather-proof All-Outdoor Units with high gain directional antennas, integrated IP bridge/router and Power-over-Ethernet technology, to provide long range coverage and connectivity to the LTE base stations.  The outdoor CPEs are used to provide xDSL equivalent connections for last-mile and Internet Service Providers.  One key application is upgrading older WiMax network to modern LTE technology
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CableFree MiFi LTE CPE

Mobile WiFi Hotspots with 4G LTE backhaul (MiFi) including remote Cloud Management are feature-rich and can be deployed outdoors or indoors. Customisable versions for in-vehicle use for Mass Transit, Police, Law Enforcement applications.
The MiFi devices feature internal battery power for mobile and nomadic applications, and also for regions where power supplies may be intermittent or unstable.  Power / Charging via USB is standard.
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CableFree LTE Wingle USB Dongle CPE
4G LTE Wingle USB Dongle CPE

USB Dongle and Wingle WiFi-enabled devices are used to add LTE connectivity to laptops and other devices which do not already feature LTE technology
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