LTE CPE – Desktop

CableFree Desktop Indoor 4G LTE CPE devices

CableFree LTE CPE Indoor Desktop Router with WiFi and VOIP
CableFree LTE CPE Indoor Desktop Router with WiFi and VOIP

4G/LTE Desktop Indoor CPE devices are ideal for residential and business applications with integrated WiFi Access point, Router, optional VOIP/POTS ports.  Typically mounted in an indoor location, ideally in a window or location with favourable LTE signal coverage for best performance.
Optionally, these CPEs can be customised with operator logos, different case colours and form factors to meet operator needs.


  • Desktop Form Factor
  • Category 4 LTE CPE device: 150Mbps UL, 51Mbps DL in 20MHz
  • LED display of signal strength and connection status
  • SIM card slot for LTE SIM
  • Integrated WiFi Access Point 802.11a/g/n
  • Easy to use, plug-and-play operation


These LTE Devices can be used for business and residential users to connect to the LTE network and offer local wired Ethernet, WiFi and voice services to occupants.

The CPE contains advanced networking features such as Firewall, routing, VPN to allow convenient and secure connection between sites or branch offices.

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