LTE CPE – USB Dongle

4G LTE USB and Wingle Devices

CableFree USB LTE CPE Dongle Device
CableFree LTE CPE Dongle Device

CableFree Mobile USB 4G LTE Dongles and WiFi-enabled Wingle devices are ideal for mobile users and laptops which do not already include onboard LTE functions.  Customisable versions can include operator branding and other features.


  • Plugs directly into USB ports on Laptop, Desktop and Tablet devices
  • Adds LTE connectivity to PCs and tablets
  • All common LTE bands are covered
  • Compact, small form factor
  • Low cost device
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Contains all required software drivers for common Operating Systems


These dongle CPEs are ideal for users with Laptop,  Desktop and Tablet devices to gain Internet Access to local operator networks.


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