LTE Advanced Pro to 5G Roadmap

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LTE PRO evolution to 5G

LTE Advanced Pro and the Roadmap to 5G The 3GPP standards define the roadmap from LTE through LTE Advanced Pro to 5G, lead by the major players in the cellular industry – operators and vendors together. Evolution of LTE to 5G LTE is evolving from LTE, LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), LTE Advanced Pro (LTE-A Pro) and up […]


LTE Advanced and Carrier Aggregation (CA)

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LTEAdvancedPro LTE Carrier Aggregation CA

Carrier Aggregation in LTE-A (LTE Advanced) Carrier Aggregation (CA) is a key technology in 4G LTE Advanced (LTE-A) to enable higher capacities on mobile networks. carrier aggregation mainstream, with global proliferation, which benefits the entire mobile ecosystem: Operators, App developers, and OEMs –  by delivering higher data rates, improved capacity, and the ability to use spectrum […]


5G Mobile Wireless Technology

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5G Mobile Wireless Technology Preliminary details and information about the wireless technology being developed for 5th generation or 5G mobile wireless or cellular telecommunications systems With the 4G telecommunications systems now starting to be deployed, eyes are looking towards the development of 5th generation or 5G technology and services. Although the deployment of any wireless […]