How fast is 5G?

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5G Network Speed

How fast will 5G be?  Examining how fast the promised speeds for 5G: Currently -at time of writing, October 2018:  The 5G standards are not yet finalised by the 3GPP and the most advanced services are still in the pre-commercial phase. In fact, we probably won’t see any commercial 5G services before at least 2020, so […]


How Fast is 4G LTE ?

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4G 5G LTE ongoing releases

Question: How Fast is 4G LTE ? Answer originally posted on Quora.com: The answer to this involves a few factors, including “Which LTE” as several versions of LTE are already in use, from the start of LTE (Release 8 ) to now (Release 13), which include capacity and performance increases: What Version of LTE being […]