Demonstrating 150Mbps 4G/LTE-A Connection to a Desktop LTE CPE

4G LTE-A Test 152Mbps

Demonstrating 150Mbps 4G/LTE-A Connection to a Desktop LTE CPE:

Throughput testing of LTE-A Closed Private 4G Network using 2×2 MIMO, 20MHz channel in Band 3. Shows 150Mbps DL & 42Mbps UL between PC web browser connected through  Desktop Cat4 LTE CPE and server.

CableFree LTE-A Test 150Mbps
LTE-A Test to Cat 4 Desktop CPE showing a full 150Mbps

A video of the demonstration with some explanation and results is here:

Youtube Video of LTE Desktop CPE Cat 4 Test 

LTE-A Base Station

In this demo, a CableFree LTE Macrocell eNodeB with 2x20W power capability is used, with power reduced to 20dBm for indoor testing and use.  The LTE eNodeB has an integrated EPC loaded onto it which enables “standalone” closed LTE networks with no need for external EPC equipment.

Enterprise Grade Desktop LTE CPE

A  Desktop Enterprise LTE CPE with Category 4 (Cat 4) LTE capability is used:  Cat 4 CPEs enable a maximum capability of 150Mbps downlink (DL) and 51Mbps uplink (UL).  The Desktop CPE has 3x Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and features high performance networking operating software.

Custom CableFree SIM card matched to the database on the Base Station EPC is used to enable the CPE device to connect without need for any further authentication.

A Linux-based test server is used to generate test traffic on the Local IP Core Network, running open-sourced bandwidth testing software.

Desktop LTE Test Results

The test results show 150Mbps Download and over 42Mbps upload from a PC connected to the LTE CPE through the LTE network airside and core to the Bandwidth Test server.  This 150Mbps is the theoretical maximum downlink obtainable over a Cat 4 CPE in 20MHz 2×2 LTE Channel.


CableFree LTE-A Cat 4 Test Results
CableFree LTE-A Desktop Cat 4 CPE Test Results

Other Tests to Mobile Devices

We have already shown similar tests using the CableFree B3 Base Station to a Samsung Mobile phone which show 125Mbps DL & 46Mbps UL between web browser on Samsung Test handset and server.  This slightly lower throughput is likely due to the browser on the Android phone being restricted by limitations in CPU power and battery power management on the mobile device.

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