Upgrading from WiMax to LTE

Upgrade from WiMax to LTE

Outdoor LTE CPE Dual Mode WiMax LTE
Outdoor LTE CPE

A key application is upgrading older 802.16d and 802.16e WiMax networks to modern 4G LTE technology. WiMax is an older generation of Fixed Wireless and Mobile Wireless Broadband technology, which is now obsolete and base stations are no longer maintained or supported by vendors.  Without support for the hardware, WiMax network operators are facing uncertainty and have to make decisions for the future.

The WiMax Dilemma: Upgrade or Close Down

This causes WiMax operators a dilemma: whether to cease business and terminate customer connections – which in many rural regions leaves them without a connection at all – or upgrade the network to modern technology such as LTE.

Why LTE?

LTE – or Long Term Evolution – is a cellular radio standard for broadband service provision – which is the logical upgrade for WiMax.  Offering data-centric service, full mobility for mobile clients, and also supporting fixed clients, and capable in operating in exactly the same spectrum, LTE offers the logical upgrade as a “drop in replacement” and can re-use existing sites, towers and other physical infrastructure.
By using modern technology and advanced modulation, LTE offers far higher range, spectral efficiency and capacity which means that when installed on the same towers as WiMax, the LTE offers greater performance for users.

Future Roadmap to 5G and Beyond

LTE is fully supported by the 3GPP which has an active roadmap with regular performance and feature additions.  Quality LTE vendor equipment features software upgrades to later LTE releases to ensure robust roadmap and future-proof performance.  A roadmap from 4G/LTE to 5G is clearly outlined by the 3GPP.

Complete range of CPE devices: Outdoor, Indoor, Desktop, Handheld and Mobility

LTE Advanced Category 6 CPE Devices
LTE Advanced Category 6 CPE Devices

Modern LTE product ranges such as CableFree include a complete portfolio of CPE devices for all types of deployment. These include Fixed, Nomadic and Mobile applications to replace existing WiMax CPEs and extend and enhance service types and coverage.  CPEs include Category 3 and 4 and next generation Category 6 devices offering higher capacities and throughput per user.

Phased upgrade from WiMax to LTE

Dual Mode WiMax LTE CPE for upgrade
Dual Mode LTE CPE for upgrade

The existence of dual-mode WiMax and LTE CPEs greatly helps the transition plan.  These CPEs can work with the older WiMax base stations as well as newer LTE.

The outdoor LTE CPEs can replace old WiMax CPEs.  As well as this dedicated LTE CPE we also offer Dual-Mode LTE+WiMax CPEs that can be used during transitional periods during the upgrade phase.  After the transition to LTE is complete, the CPEs can be left in LTE mode, and the older network retired from service.

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