Could 5G replace WiFi?

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Could 5G Replace WiFi?

Simple answer:
For some users “Yes”, but for many others, especially corporates, “No”.

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5G: Dominated by Operators

5G technology will be owned and operated by Operators. You won’t be able to build/buy your own 5G base station. The 5G connection you get will be to the Internet – not to your own private office or home LAN.

5G won’t allow access to private servers, NAS, appliances and other LAN devices, unless they are “cloud connected” via the Internet.

5G and WiFi Co-existence

Most industry experts predict WiFi and 5G will co-exist for a long time to come.

WiFi – with all it’s flaws – especially those of poor spectrum management, “lowest common denominator” capacity and self-polluting transmissions – is simply too prevalent and too successful, especially in corporate environments, to go away or be eclipsed anytime soon. And organisations with corporate Wireless LAN can police and secure their network and users access/behaviour enforced by the organisation to ensure data security – but 5G connected devices cannot.

Could 5G LTE replace WiFi?
Could 5G LTE replace WiFi?

Meanwhile, 4G/5G Operators will do everything in their power to retain control over their market dominance, with typically just 2 to 5 operators per country, and no other competition – and access to their networks will be tightly controlled to their benefit.

However, “Light users” of internet, particularly those with mobile lifestyles and no “Private LAN” devices – might be perfectly happy with a 5G-only experience.

White Papers and Roadmap to 5G

A White Paper from CableFree on Roadmap to 5G, for interest:

LTE 4G to 5G Roadmap – CableFree

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